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$ 10

Tom Clark Thimble Figurine - Pearl

One of my favorites and a duplicate in my collection is "Pearl". Possibly because she carries my jewelry theme so well with her strand of pearls. She is a Tom Clark Gnome figurine by Cairn Studios and measures 4" high. Intricately and uniquely carved, she sits on a barrel with her knitting needles and pearl jewelry finery with a thimble hat. She is signed and numbered - a lot of it I cannot read... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 150


Another fine piece of ceramic art brought to you by All That Glitters in Beautiful Bridgeport, Connecticut, a vintage clown figurine made in Italy for Gump's Department Store in 'Frisco. In case you are not familiar with Gumps it is a very prestigious high end store, which we were told Ms. Barbara Streisand enjoys shopping, we are sure this item was over $200 new. This colorful figurine is 8" tal... moreMore Info All That Glitters Antiques

OGoebel Hummel -- Peaceful Offering Large Figure 2066 TMK7

M J Hummels' "Peaceful Offering" comes with a Hummelscape that really sets the scene for a nice winter landscape. It is a limited edition issued in 1998 and is #13,491 of 25,000. This is a TMK7 and numbered 2066. A litle girl with pigtails is feeding a carrot to the rabbit in the woods. Note the bird on the barrel and another on top of the bird house. The Hummel and the Hummelscape are i... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

0Goebel Hummel -- Adoration 23/3 Large Figurine TMK6

The Hummel Figurine "Adoration" 23/3 in the 9 1/4" large size with a TMK6 mark and initialed 1985. Designed by master sculptor Reinhld Unger in 1935. The Adoration has a boy and girl worshipping a shrine of baby Jesus and Mary. Note the little boy offering his bouquet of flowers and the little girl with pigtail flying as she prays. It has been produced in different sizes over the years and las... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Borsato -- Grandfathers Rest Porcelain Figurine 955

Another rare and hard to find is this Antonio Borsato "Grandfathers Rest" #955 Porcelain Figurine. Purchased in 1969 from Italy. Exquisite detail on this very large Porcelain figurine with grandfather sitting on bow of his boat and his grand daughter with a book in her lap. Note the pipe in his right hand and the sticks sticking out of his back pocket. Immense amount... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Borsato -- Sharpener's Audience Porcelain Figurine 142

Rare & Equisite Borsato Porcelain Figurine this being the "Sharpener's Audience" or Knife Grinder #142. First produced in the early 1970's. The young boy is watching his father grind a knife while he appears to be eating a small loaf of bread. Very unique detail of the grinder with a metal knife in his hand and a pump petal at his right foot. A pulley (string) then is attached to the ... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Eiffel Tower Figurine: Rhinestone Eiffel Tower Miniature

Eiffel Tower figurine in goldtone metal, bronze shee enamel and sparkling, clear rhinestones. It measures approximately 4-1/2 x 2". A wonderful reminder of the trip of a lifetime, a great gift with a pair of tickets or just something beautiful for Francophiles! (#22927-L174-EiffelTowerMiniatureFigurine) To order this beautiful replica of the Eiffel Tower, just click on the blue shopping cart butto... moreMore Info RHUMBA! ®

OGoebel Hummel -- Call to Worship Clock Tower 441 TMK6

Very elaborate Hummel "Call to Worship Musical Clock Tower" #441 with a TMK 6 mark. Figurine is initialed 1987, however, it was brought out in 1988 for the Centuray Collection. Tower has two angels leaning out a different window and blowing their trumpets. Door to tower under one angel and clock under the other. Note the bell hanging next to the angels. Evergreen tree on one corner and fl... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
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