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$ 59

Lladro Nao Cheer Me Up Figurine 0397

Young lady with her Poodle Dog and needs a "Cheer Me Up" Nao Porcelain #0397 Figurine by Lladro. Very good detail on dog while the girl has her hands and fingers clasped behind her. Large bonnet and jumper with two tone blue. This figurine is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or crazing and is mint in the box Measures 9 3/8 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide. Please see our large se... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 45

Lladro Nao Young Girl with Rabbits Figurine 1026

LLADRO Nao "YOUNG GIRL WITH RABBITS" #1026 FIGURINE Lot of activity going on with the girl and her rabbits. Issue Year: 1992 Sculptor: Antonio Ramos Size: 6x6 " Figurine is in excellent condition with no flaws. No box. Please see our large selection of Lladro figurines by clicking on the link directly below:... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 45
New Addition

Lladro Naughty Girl Figurine 5006

Lladro "Naughty" Girl Figurine. #5006. Spanish Name: Enfermerita Curious girl appears to be doing something naughty, but I don't know what that is -- with hat behind her back. First produced in 1978 and retired in 1998 at a retail price of $155. Glazed finish. Sculptor was Francisco Catala Figurine measures 9 3/4 inches in height and 4 inches in width. This figurine is "like new... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 175

Lladro Nightingale Bird Porcelain Figurine 1226

Another early piece is this Lladro "Nightingale" Porcelain Bird Figurine # 1226. The nightingale is sitting on a tree branch with flower blossoms abounding around. Unusual Lladro figurine that was sculpted by Antonio Ballester in 1972 and produced until 1981. Last retail in 1981 (30 year ago) was $120 and presently on a few web sites up to $460. This figurine is in excellent condition with ... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 145

Lladro Now & Forever Figurine 7642

Lladro "Now & Forever" Figurine # 7642. Spanish Name: Primer Baile Now and forever in love are this young couple. Boy is her arm while the girl admires the small flower in her hand. Girl in a nice white flowing gown with a bow and decoration at the bottom. This is one beautiful figurine as a gift to young lovers. First produced only in 1995 as a club issue. Last Retail was $395. Sculp... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 125

Lladro Now and Forever Porcelain Figurine 7642

Exquisite "Lladro Now And Forever" Porcelain Figurine #7642. Young couple all dressed up and ready to go to the prom. Francisco Polopie the sculptor. Boy has a ruffled shirt and bow tie while the girl has a nice flowing gown and a small bouquet in her hand. Produced in 1995 for the Lladro Society and retailed for $395. On some web sites now for up to $300. Figurine measures 10 3/4 inches in... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
165 Sale $95

Lladro Nuns Porcelain Figurine 4611 MIB

Ever popular Lladro "Nuns" Large Porcelain Figurine #4611. Nuns with flapping headress in pure white, flesh colored faces and tan rosary beads and light blue crosses. Very stunning. Glazed finish. Fulgencio Garcia was the sculptor and produced from 1970 to the present. Lladro dealer price is $190 retail. Measures 13 1/2 inches tall and 4 3/4 inches wide. Weighs almost two pounds without... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 95

Lladro Opryland Hotel Porcelain Plate 7540 RARE MIB

Very hard to find is this Lladro "Opryland Hotel" Porcelain plate which was especially made for the Opryland Hotel in 1994 and 1995. #7540. Glazed on the blue rim and matte finish on the interior. Sculpted by Lladro Design Department and is 4 inches in diameter. On some web sites up to $150 when you can find it. Mint in the box.... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
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