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$ 175

Lladro -- Nightingale Bird Porcelain Figurine 1226

Another early piece is this Lladro "Nightingale" Porcelain Bird Figurine # 1226. The nightingale is sitting on a tree branch with flower blossoms abounding around. Unusual Lladro figurine that was sculpted by Antonio Ballester in 1972 and produced until 1981. Last retail in 1981 (30 year ago) was $120 and presently on a few web sites up to $460. This figurine is in excellent condition with ... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
165 Sale $95

Lladro -- Nuns Porcelain Figurine 4611 MIB

Ever popular Lladro "Nuns" Large Porcelain Figurine #4611. Nuns with flapping headress in pure white, flesh colored faces and tan rosary beads and light blue crosses. Very stunning. Glazed finish. Fulgencio Garcia was the sculptor and produced from 1970 to the present. Lladro dealer price is $190 retail. Measures 13 1/2 inches tall and 4 3/4 inches wide. Weighs almost two pounds without... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
455 Sale $350

Lladro -- Ocean Beauty Figurine 5785

Lladro "Ocean Beauty" # 5785. Spanish Name: Sirena Romantica A very popular and exquisite glazed figurine of mermaid sitting on coral like chair. Coral flower in her hair and other flowers abound with fish swimming by. Very intricate figurine. First produced in 1991 and still being produced. Last Retail was $855 although some discounted to $650. Sculptor was José Puche Height is 9 3/4 ... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 95

Lladro -- Opryland Hotel Porcelain Plate 7540 RARE MIB

Very hard to find is this Lladro "Opryland Hotel" Porcelain plate which was especially made for the Opryland Hotel in 1994 and 1995. #7540. Glazed on the blue rim and matte finish on the interior. Sculpted by Lladro Design Department and is 4 inches in diameter. On some web sites up to $150 when you can find it. Mint in the box.... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
249 Sale $125

Lladro -- Oriental Spring Porcelain Figurine 4988

Lladro "Oriental Spring" Porcelain Figurine #4988. Young lady walking in the garden with her parasol. Flowers in her hair and porcelain attached base. This figurine is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or damage. Produced from 1978 to 1996 and retired at $475. Oriental Spring is 11 1/2 inches in height.... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
250 Sale $125

Lladro -- Parading Donkey Porcelain Figurine 6573 Box

Lladro "Parading Donkey" Porcelain Figurine #6573. Donkey (Burro) parading down Main Street with flower baskets in each saddle bag and flowers on his head. The Sculptor was Juan Huerta and produced from 1998 to 2000. Retail in 2000 was $275. Notice the prance in his step. This figurine measures 6 3/4 inches in height and 5 inches wide. Glazed finish. Mint in the box. Please see our... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
1250 Sale $850

Lladro -- Passionate Tango Dancers 8569

This Passionate Tango Lladro Figurine is a “must have” for the Tango lover or dancer. The figurine exhibits the dancers perfectly -- note the out stretched legs. This figurine was sold off the web recently and shipped to the customer. Unfortunately, it was not handled very well and had some minor damage. The figurine was returned to us and we had it professionally repaired. Our porce... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
250 Sale $125

Lladro -- Platero & Marcelino 1181

LLadro's popular Platero and Marcelino (Boy & His Burro) Figurine # 1181. This figure was sculpted by Juan Huerto and first issued in 1971 and retired in 1990. It measures 7.75 inches tall The figurine is in excellent condition, but doesn't have it original box. If you notice a small nick on the hat, that is done purposely and is on every Platero and Marcelino figurine. I guess it's s... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
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