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45 Sale $25

Mourning - Mother of Pearl, Inlay Photo Ring

This is a solid band mother of pearl ring size 5 with a darker shell inlay at the top and flat oval base. I believe this to be a mourning or remembrance ring that would normally have a photo on the oval top. This one has no photo - could have been a sample or the photo could have just worn off. Don't see too many of them and this one is in good condition. Ring is actually a creamier color than is ... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
45 Sale $25

Two Piece Rhinestone Mourning Brooch

I believe this to be a mourning piece - from an estate, it consists of two pieces. The top piece has a cluster of three heart shapes each accented by black and dark green, amber rhinestones. About 2-1/4" x 1-1/4". The bottom part features three rhinestone chains with matching bottom designs. It measures 1-1/4" across and 2-1/4" long. All japanned or black enamel metal. There is a small hole mech... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 25 pair

Victorian Mourning Bracelets Pair

This is a pair of what I believe to be mourning bracelets - obviously very old and made with black elastic threaded through the brass halves of the bracelet to allow for any needed expansion. Each end of the bracelet is capped in rolled gold - one cap is missing, but the bracelet still functions fully. The outside enamel is a little worn around the edges but otherwise in remarkably good condition... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
75 Sale $65

Vintage Black and Frosted Glass Mourning Necklace

This is a beautiful estate mourning necklace featuring small frosted glass saucer type beads accented both with flat dark green beads in between some of the frosted as well as segments of black glass beaded flat rounds all forming a unique design. The back of the necklace is a single strand and forms a triple strand mid shoulder. Shortest length is 26" and longest strand is 30". Over the head sty... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
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Your Portal To Mourning Jewelry

Mourning Jewelry actually began around the 17th century and continued in various mediums throughout England and France. The popularity peaked during the reign of Queen Victoria upon the dealth of Prince Albert. Click the below link for more mourning jewelry information and items for sale.... moreMore Info Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 35

Brooch- Black Brooch (Mourning?) with Silver Inlay

Very old and made of unknown material this brooch is very unique. Too heavy for jet, not glass, maybe onyx or slate. 1-1/2" diameter with ruffle edge and silver inlay design. C-clasp. Possibly a mourning piece or it does resemble some Siam jewelry except for the weight. Regardless of the origin or material it is quality made and very nice. ... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques

Black Beaded Crochet Mourning Necklace

This is an estate piece and I was told it belonged to the lady's mother. It features tiny black beads croched into a pattern featuring a silver flower in the center of the chain - a flower chain design. Then the sides are single strung black beads. There has been an extender chain added to this at some time to make it an acceptable length to wear now. ... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques

Jewelry - Black Enamel Hair Brooch

Nice 1-1/2 x 1-3/4" brooch with wide black enamel bezel in good condition. Center glass covered compartment holds a lock of hair.The brooch tests 9K and is signed on the back "Maria Steenburgen". This came from an estate. It looks as if the hinge has been repaired/resoldered at some time.. BE SURE TO CHECK OUR OUR GALLERY INDEX FOR MORE MOURNING AND MEMORIAL ITEMS... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
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