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495 Sale $295

Borsato -- Boulevardier 138 The Pensioner 906 Figurine

Another exquisite Antonio Borsato Porcelain Figurine with this being "Boulevardier" #138 or "The Pensioner" #906. Again, the detail on this Borsato is almost beyond belief: Nicely dressed gentlemen sitting on a bench with his legs crossed and holding his pipe. Umbrella hanging on the bench with a newspaper lying on the seat next to him and a small bag of grapes. Two birds with one on the be... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
250 Sale $175

Borsato -- Old Man and Goat Figurine 521B

Very affordable Borsato "Old Man and Goat" Porcelain Figurine #521B. The one we have in stock has a blueish green vest and a green hanky rather than the beige vest. Not the curly grey beard on the old guy. Also, the pipe in his mouth, the cane and hankerchief in his back pocket. The goat seems to be outpacing the old man. This figurine in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. It measu... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
795 Sale $595

Borsato -- The Painter Artist Porcelain Figurine 125

We have here a Borsato "The Painter Artist" Porcelain Figurine # 125. Rather rare and hard to find. First produced in 1969 and in 1973 it retailed for $155. That would be the equivalent of $950. in 2013 dollars. The artist looks upward to his subject with brush in hand. The palette with seven colors on the board. Below on the base are splatters of paint and a tube carelessly dropped. No... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Borsato -- Grandfathers Rest Porcelain Figurine 955

Another rare and hard to find is this Antonio Borsato "Grandfathers Rest" #955 Porcelain Figurine. Purchased in 1969 from Italy. Exquisite detail on this very large Porcelain figurine with grandfather sitting on bow of his boat and his grand daughter with a book in her lap. Note the pipe in his right hand and the sticks sticking out of his back pocket. Immense amount... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Borsato -- Sharpener's Audience Porcelain Figurine 142

Rare & Equisite Borsato Porcelain Figurine this being the "Sharpener's Audience" or Knife Grinder #142. First produced in the early 1970's. The young boy is watching his father grind a knife while he appears to be eating a small loaf of bread. Very unique detail of the grinder with a metal knife in his hand and a pump petal at his right foot. A pulley (string) then is attached to the ... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
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