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375 Sale $295

Lladro Eve Eva Porcelain Figurine 1482 Box

Rather rare Lladro "Eve or Eva" Porcelain Figurine #1482. Eve with her famous apple ala nude. Nude color skin and honey blond hair. Apple is light red. Kneeling on a bed or leaves. Glazed. Figurine was sculpted by Salvador Debon and produced from 1985 to 1987. Last retail price in 1987 was $175. Piece is 7 1/2 inches in height and 5 1/2 inches wide.... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 65

Lladro Fairy Figurine 4595

The Lladro "Fairy" Figurine ready to grant your wish. #4595. Glazed and mint in the box. Produced first in 1969 and retired in 1994 at a retail price of $140. Measures 11" height by 5" deep. Spanish name is "Hada" and sculptor was Vincent Martinez.... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 25

Lladro First Christmas Together 1993 Figurine 6038 MIB

Lladro "First Christmas Together 1993" Ornament Porcelain Figurine #6038. Figurine can be hung or stand alone. Francisco was Polope and produced only in 1993. We also have the 1991 First Christmas Together on our web site and it is numbered 5840. Measures 2 inches by 2 1/4 inches. Mint in the box and one with no box.... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 175

Lladro First Performance Figurine 6763

This young lady is sitting on a stool as she embraces her floral bouquet after her first dance performance. Of course it's called "First Performance" by Lladro #6763. First produced in 2001 and still being sold at Lladro dealers for $385 or at a slight discount. Dressed in a dance tutu with her arms crossed holding the flowers. Measures 6" x 4 3/4" and mint in the box. Spanish name... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 25

Lladro Flamingo Porcelain Plate 6161 MIB

Lladro "Flamingo" Porcelain Plate #6161. Flamingo strutting around the park. Glazed on outside blue rim and matte interior finish. Sculpted by Lladro Design Department and produced from 1994 to 1998. The plate meaures 4 inches in diameter. Mint in the box. Please view our large selection of Lladro figurines on our web site by clicking on the link directly below:... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
195 Sale $95

Lladro Flower Vendor Figurine 2160 Gres Stoneware

Very hard to find is this Lladro "Flower Vendor" Stoneware "Gres" Figurine. Litle Oriental or Asian girl is sitting with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders and a long dress with lower patten. Note the finger under her chin like she is really contemplating something. Flower basket at her side. Sculptor is Antonio Ramos and produced from 1985 to 1995. Last retail in 1995 was $215. This... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 165

Lladro For Someone Special Figurine 6915

Another Lladro just in time for Christmas is this "For Someone Special" #6915. This young lady is ready to give a basket of flowers as a gift -- I count 21 flowers with petals. Produced first in 2003 and still available at Lladro dealers for $445 retail and sometimes discounted to $350. Spanish Name is Para Algueno Especial and sculptor was Marco Antonio Nogueron. Measures 8 1/4" x 3 1... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 125

Lladro Friendship Boy Girl Matte Figurine 1230

Lladro "Friendship" Figurine. Matte finish. #1230. Spanish Name: Hermanitos Boy and girl cuddling together with their faithful dog.. First produced in 1972 and retired in 1991 at $325. Sculptor was Juan Huerta Figurine measures 6 inches in height, 6 1/2 inches wide and 7 inches in length. This figurine is in excellent condition and as good as it gets with regard to the serene lo... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
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