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History of The Antique & Collectible Exchange

The Beginning - 1991 - Text Mode Screen Shots

These images show what it looked like to dialup or telnet into the server using a ANSI/VT100 client. The menus changed a little from 1991-1995, but the functionality is the same. These are not all of the features that the system had, but just a quick overview. (click on any image to see it's full size verion).

World Intelligence Network Login Screen The Main Manu of the Service
Available Online Services The Antique & Collectible Exchange Main Menu
Search: Main Menu Search: Topic List
Search: SubTopic List Search: Item List
Viewing an Item Vendor Information
Downloading PhotoView Packet (Image & Item Info) Vendor listing
Vendors Item Listing About PhotoView
Vendor Service Main Menu Add An Item: Topic Listing
Add An Item: SubTopic Listing Add An Item: Item Entry
Edit an Item: Item listing Vendors Account Information
Offline Item entry Main Menu Discussion Area Listing
Discussion Area Sub Area Listing Message List in a Discussion Area
Message from a Discussion Area Listing of File Exchange Areas
Listing of Sub-File Exchange Areas Listing of files in a File Exchange Area
Live Meetings info (Multi User Chat) Users Personal menu
Users Personal Email - Listed by sender Users Personal Email - List of messages