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Georgian Period - 1714-1837

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An era of opulence and self indulgence in beauty, luxury, royalty as exemplified by Catherine The Great's coronation with her 75 yard train gown and crown with 2,564 diamonds and pearls!

Historical Influences/Inventions

  • George I-IV reined as well as William IV
  • Catherine The Great
  • Strass invented in 1724 (used in jewelry making to resemble diamonds)
  • Napoleonic wars deleted the supuply of preferred metals

Designs and Decorations:

  • Openwork gold filigree
  • tightly wound wirework
  • Sevigne Bow
  • Hearts
  • Garlands
  • Ribbons
  • Stars on everything
  • Repoussee
  • Hollow gold chains
  • Closed back mountings
  • Enameling
  • Finely handcarved hardstone cameos
  • Square shaped brooches
  • Aigrettes
  • Girandole earrings
  • Rings with crowns and hearts
  • Jewell buttons/cuffs

Materials Used

  • Pinchbeck (copper and zinc)
  • 18K yellow gold
  • diamonds
  • emeralds
  • rubies
  • topaz
  • sapphire
  • garnets
  • turquoise
  • pearls
  • coral
  • marcasite
  • cut steel
  • paste gems
  • natural gems
  • foil back glass
  • Berlin Iron

Important Designers/Manufacturers

  • Madame De Sevigne - French aristocrat who designed the "floppy bow" and introduuced the "plunging" neckline.


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