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Transitional Period - 1910-1920

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Design periods sometimes evolve gradually and signs of change became evident long before the styles actually changed. Influences traveled from some countries slower than from others. Jewelry and Materials from Bohemia/Czechoslovakia continued to popularize just about all eras.

Historical Influences & Inventions:

  • Mount Kozakov yielded imitation jet, colored glass stones and beads all molded by excellent artisans into beautiful jewelry and designs sought after by the rest of the world.
  • End of World War I in 1918 - Czechs. and Slovaks united.
  • Area now called Czechoslovakia previously Bohemia

Designs and Decorations:

  • Mixture of Curvilinear and Rectilinear Lines
  • Ornamental Treasures, boxes, reticules of brass and glass sautoirs
  • Ornate stone laden brooches and bracelets
  • En cabochon settings
  • Unusual shaped stones

Materlais Used:

  • Brass filigree
  • openwork designs
  • glass stones
  • molded stones
  • Elaborate brass work
  • "Encrusted" designs

Important Designers and Manufacturers:

  • Bohemia with their fabulous glass stones
  • Carry over of previous designers with modifications incl. more metalwork.


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