Marc Barrie "On the Willow - Winter Cardinal" Artists Proof

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 A very  rare Marc Barrie early artists proof print is this "On the Willow - Winter Cardinal,"  VI of X (6 of 10). 

Very vivid and excellent clarity on this lithograph which is matted, signed, numbered, framed and under glass.

Those of you who are collectors of nature bird prints or Marc Barrie prints  will want to consider adding this to your collection.  Marc sells his originals in the $5000-6000 range.

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Marc Barrie has made portraying essence of nature the focus and centre of his life since he left school.  Whether the subject is an eagle soaring  effortlessly over the Rocky Mountains, or  a loon gliding peacefully on a cold misty lake, Marc talent and attention to detail make his painting come alive with stirring realism, evoking in the viewer "the sensation of actually being there".  His paintings are rich with colour, depth and realism.

"I am entirely self-taught , and has no formal art education.   I learned by my own mistakes, and by being determined to make each painting better than the one before.  I also learned by experimenting with various techniques and styles, which ultimately helped me develop and enhance my own.  It is an endless education and journey , and each painting always teaches me something new."

"My primary medium is acrylic, but occasionally I work in watercolours, oils or pastels too.  I am most comfortable with acrylics because it allows me to achieve the degree of realism and the kinds of technical effects I desire.  It is the medium that best allows me to convey the image as well as the spirit I see in nature places and the creature that surround us all."

Pattern: Artist Proof VI of X (6 of 10)
Color: Yes
Dimensions: 13" x 19" & Framed 25" x 30"
Manufacturer: Marc Barrie Arts
Manufacturer Date: 1982
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: 1
Tace Item# 21008
Shipping: Included in Shopping Cart Checkout - $15.

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