Naive Portrait Oil Painting Children by James Vanderpool

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Very rare Naive Folk Art Oil Painting of Children by James Vanderpool, New York,  (1765-1799).  Vanderpool gained some fame by doing a portrait of his famous uncle James VanDyke.  This painting now resides in the Newark Museum, Newark, NJ. 

Here are the comments made by the art appraiser:

The artwork which you have submitted for appraisal is an original oil painting on canvas created by the artist James Vanderpool (1765-1799) United States.   Vanderpool was a self-taught portrait painter who was active in the New York area with regard to his artistic career. The time period for the painting should be the late 18th Century.   The subject matter in the artwork are two charming children, a girl who holds a rose in her hand and a boy who is holding a pet cat. Although Vanderpool did not extensively travel in order find customers who wanted portraits painted of themselves or family members, he could be considered within a group of artists who were itinerant artists or limners, who for the most part were not academically trained artists.   This class of folk artists or naive painters artworks did not always have correct proportions or anatomy, but the paintings almost always contained elements that were decorative and often personal in style. Example: the children and their pet.   During this time period, family likenesses could only be rendered by an artist. The sitters for a portrait were often those who could afford a painting and were usually an important or wealthy individual. After the beginning of the 19th Century, photographic images were available to the public and the artists were not in demand as in previous times. Thank you for your inquiry. Sara Kinch   Replacement value:  $3000.   Please see our other oil paintings by clicking on the link below:    VIEW OUR OIL PAINTINGS ART GALLERY!

Pattern: Naive Folk Art
Color: Yes
Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 10 1/2" canvas, 11" x 15" Framed
Manufacturer: James Vanderpool
Manufacturer Date: Est. 1790's
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: 1
Tace Item# 26662
Shipping: We estimate $20 to $30.

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