American Victorian Antique Renaissance Walnut Bed

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It doesn't get any better than this Victorian Renaissance Walnut heavily hand carved bed.  Impressive is an under statement.  The story we have on this bed is that it came around the Horn for Grandpa Spreckels of the Spreckels Sugar family of California.   Unfortunately, before the bed arrived Grandpa died and the bed was placed in a San Francisco warehouse.  Sometime later a rancher friend of the family purchased the bed and moved it to his home in the Valley.  There it satisfied this family until the 1940's, when the home was sold and the new owners took possession of the 80 year old bed.  Some sixty years later the home or ranch was again sold, and the bed was moved to Loomis, California.  The family found the 8' 9" bed would not fit in their new home and donated it to a retreat from which we obtained it.  After 140 some years most of the attached trim, crest and decorative pieces had come unglued and the overall bed was rather dark with coats of polish and dust mixed.  We spent four weeks cleaning the bed and pieces.  We then gave the bed two coats of special furniture oil with a walnut tint and bluffed it out.  We re-glued and reattached all the carved pieces.  I believe the bed looks almost exactly as it did when it was first produced.  One wood wright we talked with estimated the walnut alone would cost $2500 today, before you started the carving.  We have seen bedroom sets of this design and period go for between $20,000 and $30,000 when they included the dresser and or a nightstand.  We don't have a dresser so we have listed the bed at $7500, and believe me, it won't last long at this price.  

The headboard measurements are: 63" wide, 105" tall (8'9"), 6 inches deep.

The footboard measurements are: 64" wide, 38" tall and 8" deep

The length of the bed is 84 inches.

This bed is truly a masterpiece of craftsmanship from another era.

Pattern: Solid & Burl Walnut
Color: Soft Walnut
Dimensions: 64" wide x 105" tall x 84" length (See Below)
Manufacturer Date: Ext Circa 1865
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: 1
Tace Item# 20369
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