French Spelter Lady Goat Basket Broken Eggs Statue on Marble

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One of the most unusual Spelter Statues I have ever had the privilege to carry.  The Lady Figure is looking down on the overturned Basket of Broken Eggs that the anrgy Goat has just thrashed with his hoofs.  This triple piece of statuary sits on a large piece of black and white marble. along with four broken eggs and two whole eggs still in the basket.  

The spelter appears to have a bronze coating that has weathered slightly on the lady. On the goat even more so where it was obviously picked up or handled on it's back over the last hundred or so years.  The ladies arms and head as well as neck plate are made of a plastic which is intended to look like ivory.  Her head has three mold lines and a very slight hair line crack.  

There is no signature on this piece, however, I believe it be by a famous artist or sculpture, just by looking at the overall design and intricate detail for the mold.  Notice the ladies left hand holding up a part of her dress in anguish over the broken basket of eggs.  The goat is in a very "striking" pose.  Very original!

We believe this piece to be French origin in the period 1875 to 1890, but it could be a little later.  However, we would stand corrected if someone knows more than we do about this piece.  The plastic like material I think is called "Pakesine" and of a French invention in the 1860's and designed to simulate ivory.  We tested it for bakelite, which wasn't invented until 1909 and it didn't pass the test, which didn't surprise me.  Many artist of this same period were doing pieces in ivory and bronze.

The black and white marble slab measures 16 inches long, 4 1/2 inches deep and 1 1/2 high with a grove in it.  The lady is 10 inches high and the goat is 6 1/2 inches high.  Overall, the statues are in excellent condition except for some weathering on the bronze coating over the splelter.  One very slight chip on the marble on the upper left hand side -- didn't notice it until just now.

I am totally enthralled  by this piece and hope  you like it.  I will have a price in a couple of days.

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Pattern: Country Side
Color: Bronze finish
Dimensions: 16" x 4 1/4" x 1 1/2 Marble, Lady 10" Goat 6 1/2"
Manufacturer: French, we believe
Manufacturer Date: Est 1890
Quality: Very Good
Quantity: 0
Tace Item# 36597
Shipping: We estimate $10 to $15.

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