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Bossons Chef Chalkware Wall Hanging Figure

Bossons Chalkware "The Chef" Wall Hanging. In very good condition with just a little scuffing on top of white hal which should clean up easily. Made in England in 1969.... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Bronze Figure of Bentin Goddess of Art Love Fertility

Equisite large and heavy Bronze figure of Lady Musician in the Kuan Lin style. Most likely the figure of "Bentin" (Japanese), Goddess of Art (Music), Love and Fertility. Extreme details on every portion of this bronze down to the little needle cross lines on the front of the gown. A master bronze caster obviously did this and the mold must have been very new to have this detail. This figu... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Bronze Greek Sitting Male Sculpture

Outstanding depth and detail on this Bronze Greek Sitting Male with Copper Highlights. Note the position of the legs and the crossed arm with the left arm supporting. I don't know who the original artist was but he was very talented. Piece sits on a bronze like stage platform. This sculpture weighs 15 pounds and measures 15 inches in height, 8 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches deep. The sculptu... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Bronze Large Sitting Manjushri Statue with Jewels

Most intricate Large Bronze Sitting Manjushri Hindu God decorated with jewels and stones I have every had the privilege to carry. The detail on this piece is almost undescribable so I will leave it mainly to the photo's. However, note the jewels: a green clear one on belly, clear stone on hand, green turqoise type on lower head dress and orange jewels on upper headdress. Dragon at its feet a... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Bronze Quan Yin Vintage Figure

Vintage Quan Yin Bronze Statue. This figure has great detail and surely came from an early pour from the molds. Note the detail on the head dress, shoulder drape, raised right hand, lowered left hand and pedestal base. Much more detail than the recent imports from China and in fact we could not find a likeness copy of recent vintage. Please see our large selection Bronze figures by clicking o... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Bronze Silverish Bathing Lady Art Nouveau Style Nude Statue

Absolutely stunning is this Silverish Bronze Semi Nude Bathing Lady Statue with the shroud or towel over half her torso and front leg. Shroud is in silver bronze and the balance of her is bronze includng upper torso, head and arms and legs. This large statue measures 26 1/2 inches tall, 10 inches at the lower shroud base and 8 inches at the shoulder. The depth is 5 inches and the piece weighs... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

French Spelter Lady Goat Basket Broken Eggs Statue on Marble

One of the most unusual Spelter Statues I have ever had the privilege to carry. The Lady Figure is looking down on the overturned Basket of Broken Eggs that the anrgy Goat has just thrashed with his hoofs. This triple piece of statuary sits on a large piece of black and white marble. along with four broken eggs and two whole eggs still in the basket. The spelter appears to have a bronze coat... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Ganesh on Rat Bronze Statue

Ganesh on a Rat Bronze Statue Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, he is frequently seen with a mouse or a rat, some times dancing with it, sometimes he is dancing on it and often he is just sitting on it , having conquered it. The rat eats crops so it is important for ganesh to have conquered the rat and removed the obstacle to a good harvest. For a somewhat newer Indian work this piece is quite... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
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