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$ 295

Antique Valentine: George C. Whitney Co. Valentine Ca. 1881

A museum-worthy collector's item, we are proud to offer this rare, George C. Whitney Co. Valentine in unbelievable Near Mint Condition dating Ca. 1881. This is a three-dimensional valentine with paper accordians beneath two layers of very unusual paper lace. The bottom layer of paper lace is a unique and early bi-colored paper lace with Wedgwood blue and white Greek Key designed plates incorporate... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 35

Antique Valentine: Victorian Valentine | Vintage Valentine

Victorian Valentine features a raised paper lace central frame on four paper accordians surrounding a lovely colored image of two Victorian maidens in beautiful Victorian costumes. There are four applied German die-cuts of an angel, a blackbird, a little girl with a bouquet of posies and an envelope and a pair of lovebirds above a message proclaiming "Trust to me" surrounded by roses and lillies o... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 12

Clapsaddle Valentine Postcard: Clapsaddle Postcard Vintage

Clapsaddle Valentine postcard features a darling little boy in vintage attire holding a Valentine heart of roses with two other flowered hearts. The verse reads, "To My Valentine/Fragrant roses for Rememberance,/Pansies sweet for Living Thought-/So I send you from my garden/That which can nowhere be bought." The front of the postcard has a signature with a copyright symbol: "Int.ArtPub.Co." and ... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 12

Clapsaddle Valentine Postcard: Vintage Clapsaddle Postcard

Clapsaddle Valentine postcard features a large, red, central heart with a young boy drawing hearts surrounded by blue forget-me-nots with gold accents. The verse reads: "To my beloved Valentine/Dearest, if I did but know,/The reason/why I love you so." It is signed, "Ellen H. Clapsaddle" in script on the bottom left. The postcard measures approximately 5-3/8 x 3-1/2" and is in Very Good/Excell... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 20

Valentine Die Cut Three Layers "Good Saint Valentine" Lyre

Victorian Valentine is a three-layer creation in shades of aqua and mint green that is over one hundred years old. The first layer is a lovely harp-shaped and very sturdy die cut with an easel decorated in shades of aqua and deeper aqua shaded flowers. It measures approximately 7-7/8 x 4-7/8". The second layer feels like parchment. It contains the metallic gold colored verse that reads: Good ... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 18

Valentine Vintage Reproduction Victorian Hanging Valentine

Reproduction Victorian Hanging Valentine is about 25 years old. It features three graduated size hearts. The top heart shows a Victorian Woman and child feeding a white swan in a garden with a column in pastel colors. On the top left it reads, "To my Valentine." The middle heart has forget-me-nots in shades of blue and the smallest heart has roses in shades of pink. From top to bottom,... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 20

Valentine: Vintage German Fold Down Valentine Honeycomb

Victorian Fold-down Valentine features three layers with red honeycomb. The back layer is a beautiful mountain scene with blue forget-me-nots and another white flower which I am not familar with. The second layer features a beautifully depicted young girl handing a bouquet of flowers to a seated boy. The front layer features a stone garden seat with a rose trellis behind and white doves. The ... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 35

Valentine: Vintage Mechanical Valentine Ca. 1930 Made in USA

Large mechanical valentine of a drum majorette on the trunk of an elephant with a young boy atop the elephant. The trunk moves up and down with the majorette on it and there is an open circle surrounding the eyeball complete with lashes that changes the view of the eye as well. The colors are still very bright and vibrant and the Valentine measures approximately 9 x 7". The verse says, "C'mon an'... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
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